My Outschool Experience So Far…

I just signed up for the educational platform Outschool and it has been an awesome experience thus far. I was a little unsure as to which platform would appeal to me the most because I’m new to the online educational community. I wanted to have the freedom to make my own schedule since I’m still attending college. I’ll also start my English teaching certification this summer and didn’t want to have a schedule I wouldn’t be able to manipulate. Outschool checked off on my list for scheduling freedom. However, if you create a class schedule you would want to commit to it and not let your students down. I just made sure it would work with my college and certification schedule that is already in place. Plus all of my kid’s extracurricular activities as well. I really had to sit down and make sure I would not overextend myself as I tend to do in pretty much everything!

Once I knew I could make the commitment… then I created my Outschool profile, wrote an About me section, made some intro videos, a demo lesson and a background check. Once everything came back and I was accepted, then it was time to create my first class. This was where it got a little tricky. Outschool does have certain standards you must follow when creating your classes. Your verbiage must be in line with those standards and expectations. As a parent, I can appreciate that! I had to do about 3-4 rounds of edits before my first class was listed. There were moments I questioned if I would figure it all out, but of course in the end we always do! Just don’t get discouraged if you have to make a few rounds of edits. It will be all worth it when you see that first class listed and all your hard work paid off. Do make sure you follow all the instructions they send you and never send anything back that has not been edited. I love that before you request that your class be listed again, a box will pop up before you submit it to explain all your edits. Use this box to explain in great detail that you understood the edits that they were looking for and that you have now corrected your listing to reflect it.

Outschool advertised my class today in their weekly email that goes out to the parents. I was so excited to see it out there in all it’s glory! I have two people already save my listing and hope I will start seeing them fill up very soon. I will update my blog once I teach my first class and let you all know how that goes. I have listed several very fun clubs centered around Taylor Swift and all the eras of her music. I will have the link here if you would like to check it out or have a child that would be interested in joining that club. I have it listed under Life Skills. This is an Ongoing class. I will also write a full post on the different categories for classes and what’s the difference between, Ongoing, One-time, Flexible schedule and Multi-Day.

This week I will start organizing my Harry Potter book clubs and posting those as I have time to build out that curriculum.

Links to Taylor Swift: The Eras Club on Outschool

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